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We know your world, and we know what makes it tick. Over the years, we’ve learned the demands and needs of businesses throughout the entertainment space. At Count Out Loud, we look through the creative lens to provide highly specific advisory services that take every aspect of the industry into consideration. Let our experts handle it for you, paving the path to stress-free compliance and the best possible business structure for your needs.

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Lights, camera, action Your business, our guidance.

Give your creative operations the structure it needs to succeed. While your business is making its mark in the creative and entertainment industries, we’re here and ready to help you structure your operations for maximum potential. Setting up your operations with the right structure is key to financial and managerial success, no matter where you are in your journey. These strategies are crucial, so having an expert there to help you build the best possible foundation gives your creative business an increased shot of making ‘the big time’.

Count Out Loud’s accountants help you navigate complicated scenarios and maximise your business structure for enhanced profitability and protect your assets. From minimising your liabilities to ensuring your structure remains the right one, we support you in getting the most out of your pride and joy.

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The film industry’s taxation experts

Count Out Loud’s highly recognised accounting team takes the stress out of tax for businesses across the entertainment, TV, film, and creative industries.

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While you may be eager to get them out of your hands, we’re more than happy to take on your taxation needs, no matter the complexity. From smaller start-ups to large-scale enterprises, we’ve helped a long list of industry operations just like you to navigate their tax obligations seamlessly and proactively.

Let us handle your Business Activity Statements, Producer Offsets, Tax returns, Superannuation and more, all with the down-to-earth approach we pride ourselves on delivering.

Not just another accountant

It doesn’t matter if you're starting out in the field or are already making your mark; we can support you along the way, providing you with industry partnerships and connections that simplify the process.

When you need a support system to turn to, our taxation experts and accountants do more than just crunch numbers; we provide you with honest guidance.

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